Welcome to Fiege Photography and thanks for stopping by my site!  My name is Kristine Fiege and here is my story on how I fell back in love with photography many years later.

My passion for photography came early right when I graduated high school and was accepted into college.  Like most high school grads,  I really had no idea what I wanted to study or become in life.   So I decided to get a full time job. My first 'real' job was a photography job working at a studio for 5 years.  I loved it, from the people I worked with, to the customers and connecting with the children.  It wasnt long before people started to request me as their photographer!!!  About 1 year into working there I was nominated as photographer of the year (it was a huge recognition for me seeing that there were 600+ studios) I did not win but it was a step into the direction that would take me to where I am now.  I decided about 5 years after I had worked there that I wanted to get more into a corporate field and left working at the studio and started a new path. 

Fast forward to where I am now. I have two adorable children Tyler (Age 4) and Easton (AKA the Beastage 2) and I found my passion again leading me back into the field of photography.  After my older son Tyler turned one I bought myself a camera to capture their youth. I taught myself everything on that new camera and posted my pictures on online.  Friends and family loved  my picture and the requests took off.  I had people writing to me to see if I would take photos of their families! I was giddy and happy that people still liked my work! 

Wanting to learn more and take my business to the next level, I decided to take workshops and classes to learn more about my camera.  I attended the SCP workshop back in 2013 which enhanced my newborn photography skills. From their I started taking request, mostly with newborns. I really love photographing these babies and creating timeless art.   Newborns and kids are only small once and these moments go by too fast.  I started to get very busy and decided that I needed space for a studio. In early 2014 my dream came true! We have a full, functional studio in Elma full of props, space and everything required to make your pictures timeless and beautiful.  I cant believe how far I have come in such a short time and I cant wait to see where this path will take me. 

Fiege Photography specializes in:

  • Newborns
  • Children
  • Family
  • Professional portraits
  • Events and special parties
  • Seniors pictures
  • Wedding and engagement
  • And other special requests!

I really have amazing customers that I believe are my friendsI would not be doing what I love if it you did not believe in me!  Thank you again and I cant wait to meet my new clients in the future!